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About Bootea

Bootea is a big company from Europe with over one milion customers served. This is a big number but if I tell you that they have processed this orders in less than three years? They are specialised in detox and weight loss teas but somethng interesting is that they are realistic and you will never hear from Bootea that this is a magic formula or that this diet will do wonders for your body. On the contrary, they encourages you that balance is the key and that healthy eating must be your lifestyle. See the best prices from Amazon



They assures us that all the ingredients used in this teas are 100% natural with no artifical colours added. Bootea 14 day teatox comes in Daytime and Bedtime formula. The Daytime tea should be drunk in the morning after three minutes of infusing and the Bedtime tea in the evening with the same infusing time. For reaching your best goals you should combine this tea with fitness exercises.

DayTime come with 14 tea bags and contain Ingredients like:

  • ginger root
  • chinese oolong tea
  • nettle leaves
  • mate leaves
  • ginseng root
  • fennel seeds
  • lemongrass
  • dandelion leaf
  • gotu kola leaves

Bedtime cleanse come with 7 tea bags with more relaxing herbs:

  • peppermint leaves
  • fenugreek seeds
  • valerian root
  • senna leaves
  • liquorice root
  • hawthorn leaves
  • psyllium seeds
  • burdock root



The flavour is great and you will love drinking it every day. After drinking it you will feel more energized. Also is known for its laxative effects and you must be prepared for going to the bathroom.
Try avoid drinking it when you don’t have bathroom access because its laxative effects are very intense.


Where to buy

If you are living in US we recommand you to buy it from Amazon because the shipping cost will be about 20$ if you buy it from their website (UK). Sometimes you may find some bootea discount codes.


What we don’t like about Bootea

Like a negative side, regarding the customers reviews we found that they had some problems with the shipping. Sometimes there are big delays if you order from US – about 20 days.


Bootea results

Like a conclusion, Bootea really worth a try if you are looking for a good teatox and weight loss tea. Its taste is great and the carefully chosen leaves it will reach your expectations.

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