How To Make Iced Chai Tea Latte


Cold-steeped chai, milk, and honey syrup is used with this simple method.  Make a large batch so that you can enjoy it all through the week! 

I was totally into cold brew coffee last summer.  However, I am obsessed with iced chai lattes this summer.  

The frequency and size of my batches appear to have gotten bigger and bigger as the summer has continued to progress.  Initially, I was only drinking one to two glasses during the morning. Then it started seeming perfectly reasonable to have another glass during the afternoon.

I knew I was in big trouble when I switched to pint glasses from water glasses.  

I take a pretty uncomplicated, simple approach to iced chai – minimal effort for a maximum payout. 

I like cold-steeping my tea for a few hours at least, although at times I leave it going all day. What is really nice about the tea is that it stays smooth and mellow even when you forget about it for some time.  (If you need to have iced chai a bit faster, there are directions for Quick Steeping below.) 

I think that adding four bags of tea for every quart of water will make a nice spicy iced chai to enjoy. I recommend that you start there, however, if you would like your chai to be stronger or lighter, then just adjust how many tea bags you need.  

I use a quick honey syrup for sweetening my chai lattes that is made with equal parts of water and honey.  This type of syrup mixes more easily into tea compared to straight honey.  

You can mix the syrup in with your full chai batch after it has finished steeping.  However, I prefer mixing them into the glass.  That allows me to adjust the sweetness according to my taste, or to my guest’s taste who needs to have a refreshing, cool beverage. 

Top your glass of iced tea with as little or much milk as you want. Creaminess is definitely a very personal decision.  What I like using is whole milk, however 2% coconut milk, almond milk, or milk are all nice. 

One last thought: If you like sipping your iced tea very slowly and prefer not having it be watered down from ice cubes, you can make an extra chai batch and then freeze it into the form of ice cubes! 

Recipe for Iced Chai Latte 

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Steeping time 4-12 hours 

Yield: 4 servings

If you want more servings double the recipe.  The prepared chai and honey syrup will keep in the refrigerator for a week at least.  

Fast Steeping: If you want to speed the steeping process up, boil 2 cups of water, remove from the heat, and then add in the tea bags.  Then steep for 10-20 minutes. Take the tea bags out and add the 2 cups of remaining water.  Cool to room temperature, and then transfer to the refrigerator to completely cool. 

Homemade Chai Blend: So, if you prefer making your own chai blend rather than using tea bags, then follow the Quick Steeping instructions above, and use the blend of spices and black tea that recommended in this Homemade Chai recipe.  


Iced chai:

4 chai tea bags

1 quarter water 

Honey syrup: 

1/4 cup water

1/4 cup honey 


With any kind of milk 


1. Steep the chai tea. Combine the water and tea inside of a quart jar.  Cover the tea and allow it to steep for 4 hours at least or up to 12 hours at room temperature. The longer the tea stands will become more infused and stronger. 

2. Make your honey syrup: Mix the water and honey inside of a small glass container.  Place in the microwave for 30 second.  Dissolve the honey by stirring.  Allow it to cool, then cover it up and refrigerate until you need it. (Honey syrup keeps for around one week.) 

3. Take the tea bags out: After the has been infused the way you like it, remove your tea bags.  You can use the tea immediately, or cover it and refrigerate it for one week or longer. 

4. Assemble your ice chai latte: Put a couple of ice cubes into a glass.  Pour in 1-3 teaspoons of honey syrup on top of the ice cubes.  Fill up the class with around cup of ice chai and then add milk to taste.

Stir to combine.  Then taste and add more milk or honey syrup, if desired.