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Iaso Tea ReviewsWhat is Iaso Tea

Iaso Tea Reviews – All of us like to have a healthy body, but high-fat diet and junk food from our days stops us getting our goals. We make great efforts to get off weight but some of us end with no results. The main factor for this failure is that you will end up fighting a losing battle if you try to burn off fat without exercises and a good diet plan. We always hear about all sorts of solutions to lose weight, but often we are skeptical about them and the people opinions are divided. So, we are confused and we don’t know which will be the best weight loss solution for our body. In this review, we promise you to form your own opinion about working on your diet by adding detox tea into it.

One of such herbal tea blends that promise us to lose weight, put our body in perfect shape and enjoy overall health is Iaso tea. Founded in United States and powered by Dr. Millers Holy, Total Life Changes is the company that makes this detox and weight loss tea. Let’s see below what detox mean and why it is important to detox our body periodically.

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What Detox Mean and Why to Detox your Body

The short definition of detox is “clear your body of toxins” for increasing your overall health. There are a lot of ways to detox your body but the most important factor to take in consideration when you want to detoxify your body is to lower your sugar consumption. If you can remove it completely from your diet is awesome. Other factors to take in considerations:

  • exercise your body every chance you get, will help you eliminate toxins
  • start drinking more water if you have not already done. If you can’t drink much water you can mix it with lemon for a diversified taste. Some of benefits: will help your digestion, avoid dehydration and your skin will glow
  • increase your detoxification process with tea. This is what Iaso tea is made for. Water and natural herbs will do wonders for your health
  • eat organic food. Try to combine your daily plateau with vegetables, fruits, grains and fish or chicken. I know, it’s hard, but this will increase your overall health

We could find others factors for detox but this will be a good start for you. Maybe I will speak more about this subject in a separate article.


Detox vs Weight loss

Some people are confused about these terms. I meet people that think that detox is the same thing with weight loss or vice versa. This is not true. Detox will help you to rid your body of toxins and this often leads to weight loss. But weight loss will not necessarily lead to detox. Like an example, you can lose weight by decrease your meals but this will not lead to detox your body if you continue eating processed food. In the same time exercise can lead to weight loss and detox, too. So, be aware about what is your goal.


Iaso Tea IngredientsIaso Tea Ingredients

Iaso tea is herbal tea blended with nine natural handpicked ingredients. This herbs will help us take control of our body in a natural way. I am sure that all of you’ve heard about the benefits of herbs and maybe some of us even tried to plant some in the home yard  Total Life Changes assures us that this combination of natural ingredients will work in perfect synergy to completely clean up our intestine. Just by drinking Iaso tea daily, your digestive system and entire body can be cleaned of toxins and your overall health improved. But why our body absorbs toxins and how they can affect our Health?

Some words about Toxins

These toxins are absorbed by our body along with the food and are the most common causes for diseases. The good news is that each of us has his guardian that fight toxins. This is the liver which is responsible to eliminate toxins. Our liver will do a great job for us in removing unwanted toxins, but if we do nothing to help him, it may be a losing battle for him and for us. In short, when our liver is overloaded, the body is loaded with toxins and diseases will not hesitate to appear.

Main factor for this accumulation of toxins is the daily food that your body needs to process it. To avoid it, we need to consume unprocessed foods for its higher amount of intrinsic enzymes, compared with the processed food. These Intrinsic Enzymes will break down our food into forms that our body can use them. Like a base rule, your liver will thank you if you consume unprocessed foods. By consuming Iaso Tea, its natural herbs will give your body a boost and your digestive system will be completely cleaned and ready to absorb proper nutrients. This will automatically lead to weight loss.

The 9 ingredients found in this herbal tea include:

Ingredients listedIngredients listed here:



The scientific name: Althaeas Officianalis. It is often used in medicine thanks to its antibacterial properties. Can be used internally or externally. Using Marshmallow internally has a soothing effect and helps to reduce risk of disease and digestive problems. This will lead to a good health condition. Can also be used externally like cream for your skin condition. Successful in treating eczema. In our case it is mainly used for indigestion problems. It can also be found separately as a syrup or pills.

Persimmon leaves

It is mostly used in China and Japan and is part of Ebenaceae family. It has been scientifically proven that this herb contain flavonoids, Vitamin C, tannins, choline carotenoids, amino acids and rutin. It is said that this leaves contain several times more Vitamin C than green tea and about thirty times more Vitamin C like Oranges. This leaves can be grown from spring to autumn and it is used sometimes to prevent high blood pressure.

Malva leaves

These leaves are also called Malva Verticillata and contain flavonoids, polysaccharides and mucilage. Are successfully used against inflammation and irritation. Other benefits include gastrointestinal and respiratory tract. They are most often used like tea, but can also be cooked. Still no side effects was found about Malva Verticillata.

Papaya leaves

It contains a lot of nutrients: Vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, iron and much more. Known for anti-cancer fighting properties. Other benefits include: calm fever, digestion improve, burning fat, great skin benefits. Can be used externally for your affected skin areas.

Holy Thistle

Silybum marianum – this was popularly used in Middle Ages to fight plague. Today it is used to cleanse the system and to improve digestion problems, stimulate the appetite, it’s good for women at menstruation, had anti-inflammatory properties and help your liver in detoxification. It contain Silymarin, a powerfull antioxidant. Can be also find and used like tinctures or capsules.


With its origins in China (Zingiberaceae family) it is known for its great effects in digestion, reducing nausea and stomach cramps. It contains Gingerol which have great antioxidant properties and a lot of uses in medicine. It successfully treats morning sickness for pregnant women. Fight great against diabetes and lower blood sugars. It helps regulate cholesterol level.


Matricaria chamomilla – in many ancient cultures, this particular ingredient has been used to fight stomach cramps, anxiety. Some properties: antioxidant effects, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. Can be helpful for those suffering from diabetes. It soothes the nervous system and help treat skin affected by eczema or allergies.

Blessed Thistle

Cnicus Benedictus – it is used for digestive system and for skin. It is also used for Malaria, anorexia, fever, flatulence and constipation. Besides use in teas, it is find in tinctures and capsules. This herb is often used to increase milk supply for women.


This herb was added into Iaso tea due to its effect in killing different bacteria due to its antiseptic effect. It is used today in some mouth washes and improve your bad breathe.


Iaso Tea Reviews – Benefits

Most people know this Iaso herbal tea as miracle tea due to its potency in helping people burn off five pounds within first five days. It is a natural tea and the benefic herbs combination will get your body rid of excess fats, toxins and even intestinal parasites. Besides weight loss and detox, there are lots of benefits associated with Iaso tea which made it also a great tea pick for your overall health. It aids digestion and cleansing making it best choice for those that want to lose weight and keep fit. It also aid in killing various bacteria and can aid stomach cramps. Those that are battling with anxiety can get solution they are looking for by drinking this tea daily for the 30 day plan.

For more benefits you can read individual herbs details and you will see what every ingredients from this tea can do for you.


Iaso Tea Side Effect

Despite enormous benefits associated with this herbal tea, can still has some side effects. During the body cleaning or detox process you can start to experience some inconveniences, but this are pretty rare. Some of the side effects include: Frequent urination, bloating, foul smelling loose stools, headache and gas.


Does Iaso Tea Really Work? It is Iaso Tea a Scam?

Iaso tea is made 100% from herbs and this may react differently for every person. What I was surprised is that some of its ingredients I use them on a regular basis because I am a naturist. You can drink Iaso Tea without changing your eating plan, but if you combine a diet with this tea and with exercises you will surely get better results. You don’t need to have a drastic diet. The base rule is to try to avoid processed foods, sugar and red meat. You should consume about two cups/day for great benefits and results. Our verdict? Yes, it’s working! Check bellow what customers say about it.


Iaso Tea PackWhat customers say about Iaso Tea

Lots of them claimed that they lost about 7-10 lbs in one or two weeks and increased energy:

“Just love it, lost 7lb been on the tea 12 days, best I have found feel good on the inside lost more inches than pounds, I’m staying with it .”

It helps you to get rid of constipation:

“This tea work wonders ,I’m lactose intolerant and always have gas or pain or constipation, thank goodness for this tea I’m relieved of all!”

There are also customers that complain about headache effect of this tea, but how I told you earlier, everyone body react differently. For some seems that it was not a good choice:

“This tea didn’t work for me was disappointed”


Where to buy Iaso Tea and how it is Packed

A box of Iaso Tea for a monthly supply contains four packs of tea. Every pack have two tea bags, so you will have eight tea bags which will be your supply for about 30 days. You may use one pack for making one gallon of tea and drink about 2.5 cups a day.

If you ask where to buy Iaso Tea: Buy it from Here!


Iaso Tea PrepareHow to Prepare Iaso Tea

Let’s see how Total Life Changes recommend us to prepare Iaso Tea: You should add two tea bags in 1L of boiling water, cover the bowl and remove it from heat. Steep it for about four to eight hours and then add another 3L of cold water for making your gallon of tea. Keep the tea bags and refrigerate. The recommended usage is to drink two cups (8oz. each) / day.


Our Final Word

There are impressive health benefits associated with Iaso tea as claimed by TLC. The benefits listed have scientific backing owing to the fact that the ingredients found in this tea actually do as recorded in the benefits. These are the reasons why Iaso tea is known not only for detox and weight loss, but for its health boost, too. If you ask for a recommendation, we think that this tea really deserve a chance.

Let us know your results after drinking this Iaso Tea and don’t forget to combine it with exercises and a good diet plan for maximum efficiency.

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Note! Pregnant women, children and who suffer from any illness must ask the physician before drinking this tea. Read carefully the product label.


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  • what are your reviews on the length of time you should drink the Iaso Detox tea before it harms you. or is there no harm from prolonged usuage.

    • This tea is all from natural ingredients and should not harm you even if you drink it for a longer period, but the best is to consult your physician before use it because he will know better if it is recommended or not for you. Everyone body have different reactions to some ingredients and we recommend you to ask your physician about this.

  • This is my third day taking iaso tea. Started having heaviness in my chest. Hoping it wont happen tomorrow.

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