Indian Cooking Shows And Tea Recipes

Indian Cooking Shows And Tea Recipes

From street-side food to delicious royal cuisine, TV cooking shows make us absolutely drool and salivate over it all! Attractive chefs in their spotless kitchen help by showing us how to make some fun and easy recipes we can try out later. Cooking shows do their part of expanding our knowledge base of different palates and food. So let’s discuss some of the best cooking shows on television that can you improve your skills in the kitchen.

Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen

In the food world, Sanjeev Kapoor is an absolute legend. His name is renowned in kitchens everywhere. From being a best-selling cookbook author to TV host, Sanjeev first became popular with his ‘KhaanaKhazana’ show on Zee TV, and ever since that time, there has been no looking back. Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen is broadcast on Food Food where he shows some delicious and delightful recipes and enlightens viewers with helpful tips for cooking them. This super chef is one of the Indian cuisine’s most celebrated faces and smiles and watching him teach recipes is a true pleasure.

Fit Foodie

This show is hosted by Vikas Khanna and is broadcast on Food Food channel. It is intended for individuals who love eating healthy. This Michelin starred chef teaches us how to cook delicious dishes that will not increase your waistline. When it comes to healthy nutritious recipes, Fit Foodie is your one-stop destination and presented by a charming eligible bachelor. Vikas Khanna’s striking good looks, magical hands, and soft voice will keep you glued to the channel. You won’t be able to stop watching.

Turban Tadka

This Food Food channel is all about Indian desi and maakidaal cuisine! Harpal Singh Sokhi is among the most entertaining and energetic Indian chefs who take us on a lively and fun gastronomic journey. Chef Harpal, with deep roots in tradition, cooks some delicious deli foods. He teaches his views Indian cooking as the true art that it is. His show offers lots of fun and  NamakShamak in the style of Chef Harpal.

Ravinder’s Kitchen

Ravinder Bhogal, the hot and award-winning UK chef, was propelled into the limelight of culinary TV when the legendary Gordon Ramsay crowned her as Britain’s Fanny Craddock. Ravinder is the host of ‘Ravinder’s Kitchen’ that airs on TLC where she takes us all on an exotic food journey where she creates iconic cuisines from all over the world while providing her own unique touch to each of her recipes. In addition to her delicious recipes, another reason for watching the show is for how hot Ravinder is! The show is the ideal combination of delicious delights and mouthwatering experiences that are dished out with plenty of love! From Indian Punjabi delicacies to Italian cuisine, Ravinder teaches everything.

Gourmet Central

This show airs on NDTV Good Times and is a delightful series hosted by Vicky Ratnani, who is a very popular chef. He will get you hooked o fancy foods that are turned into simple recipes that are absolutely irresistible. This cooking show features the special appearance of Vicky’s alter ego. The show is quite unique in that is shows the chef in conflict with his own inner self. Vicky is the older brother of the well-known photographer DabooRatnani, and he is a food connoisseur, culinary consultant, and TV host. He introduced molecular gastronomy into Indian cooking. He knows ingredients very well and can teach the most challenging recipes is the easiest way possible.

If you love the concept of these TV shows, then you can use and Indian IPTV to tune into them live. They are fun to watch and very easy to follow.