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Lyfe Tea is a popular and trusted tea brand which specialises in manufacturing detox tea, commonly known as teatox. Lyfe tea has made available separate tea blends which you can take in the mornings and evenings. Each of the blends is made of a unique set of herbs and tea leaves which have their own health benefits. It is made of loose tea leaves. The morning Lyfe tea gives a boost to your metabolism and makes you feel active and energetic. The evening detox tea will cleanse your body of harmful toxins. It will also help you in getting a good night’s sleep. Both the morning and evening teas are available in a 14 and 28 day teatox plan. You can choose the appropriate plan based on your specific health goals. Lyfe tea has got rave reviews for the good teatox it provides to users. We have for you here one of those elaborate reviews on Lyfe Tea for helping you taking a decision.

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Apart from Lyfe tea being beneficial for your health, it also tastes good. In fact this tea brand has got great reviews from users for its good taste. The morning tea has a refreshing taste which will invigorate you. It makes you feel energetic and active throughout the day. The evening tea has a soothing taste and helps you relax. You can add on to the taste of Lyfe tea by adding natural sweeteners. If you wish to have a refreshing cool drink, then you can add ice to your Lyfe tea. You can also add this tea to your morning smoothie and relish the delicious taste.


Ingredients of Lyfe Tea

Lyfe tea is made from a blend of leaves and a selection of herbs which benefit the health in a number of ways. Lyfe tea offers separate morning and evening teas. The morning Lyfe tea is made up of moringa, yerba mate, green tea, guarana, ginger and lemon peel. This tea blend has the adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals which are much needed by your body. It also helps in making you feel active and energetic. Green tea used in the Lyfe tea blend is rich in antioxidants and caffeine. It helps improve metabolism and energy levels. Yerba mate and guarana are stimulants which make you feel refreshed and energetic. Ginger aids in digestion and also improves metabolism. Moringa is also rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Lemon peel is rich in vitamin C. The evening Lyfe tea is made of chamomile, senna, dandelion extract and nettle leaf. Chamomile improves digestion and is also helpful in treating insomnia. Senna and nettle leaf are natural laxatives which help in flushing out your body of unwanted toxins. Dandelion extract improves your entire digestive system and cleanses your body by giving it a good detox.


Benefits of Lyfe Tea

Drinking Lyfe tea is extremely beneficial for your health. Most reviews of this tea will also vouch for this fact. The morning Lyfe tea has green tea which aids in burning your fat through a process called thermogenesis. It raises the base temperature of the body. Your body will burn more fat as a result in order to maintain the raised temperature. Hence, drinking the tea will help you attain your weight loss goals. The morning tea also improves the metabolism rate. This in turn boosts energy and helps you remain active. The evening Lyfe tea has a relaxing effect which you will feel is much essential by the end of the day. The evening tea also is a good detox option. It flushes out all the harmful toxins from your body. Drinking Lyfe tea will strengthen your overall immunity and improve your health. See prices on Amazon


Side Effects

Like all other teas, Lyfe Tea have disadvantages, too. Some users have felt that the morning one is very high in its caffeine content and this could be harmful. However, the harmful effects of caffeine can be eliminated if you drink this tea in moderation. The evening Lyfe tea contains herbal laxatives and diuretics. If you consume large quantities of the tea then you might feel dehydrated. Hence, ensure that you never exceed consuming the recommended quantity of the tea.


Final word on Lyfe tea

Going for Lyfe tea will definitely not be a bad choice to make. The herbs and tea leaves used in the tea blend is loaded with nutrients which will most certainly prove beneficial for your health. The morning and evening teas if taken in the recommended quantities will surely give you good results.

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