Is Too Much Green Tea Bad for You?

Is Too Much Green Tea Bad for You?

Green tea contains healthy antioxidants and for many years it has been popular among people for its advantages. The most important advantage is that it helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases. It also manages sugar in the blood and helps reduce weight. However, drinking too much green tea can have unpleasant and dangerous effects for your health. If you want to avoid this, reduce your consumption to five or fewer cups per day, but not more than that.

Caffeine in Green Tea

Caffeine is also an ingredient of green tea. In comparation with black tea, the caffeine contents is smaller but even so it can cause severe side effects. Can increase heart rate, tremor, anxiety, restlessness or upset stomach. Your body will become habitual of green tea if you take it daily. You will experience headaches, irritability and drowsiness if you try to leave it. Caffeine content may vary from brand to brand. A major brand of green tea has about 25 milligrams of caffeine per bag. Taking 200 to 300 milligrams of caffeine per day is included in moderate consumption. However, it can affect you if you are sensitive to caffeine.

Is Too Much Green Tea Bad for You?

Can Cause Harm to Iron Absorbtion

Green tea has an ingredient (antioxidant) called flavonoids. Flavonoids have the protective effect on human’s health. However, flavonoids are bind with non heme iron. These stop your body from absorbing iron. Taking green tea with a meal is actually not a good idea because it will reduce the iron absorption by your body. So try to avoid it drinking with meals. The better option will be to squeeze lemon in it if you are habitual of green tea and can’t take a meal without it. Lemon will reduce the iron binding effect.

Sweetened Tea

The products and brands are different from several points of view. If you drinking the green tea which comes from a bottle or has a large amount of sugar, you can hurt yourself. You will end up gaining more calories. You will consume more calories than burning it and it will lead to increased fat. In short, using sweetened tea can be bad for your health. There are zero calories in plain green tea. The sweetened one contains about 15 to 90 calories. In conclusion, try to avoid drinking sweetened tea if you don’t want to consume a huge amount of calories.

Medical Complications

Green tea is safe, but an excess of everything is bad and that is also applicable for this type of tea. There is a possibility that it might make worse for some already existing medical conditions. If you have anemia, then try to avoid drinking it because it can harm you. It can also cause heart and anxiety disorders and it can affect your blood sugar control. If you are a diabetic patient, then regularly check your sugar level. Other medical problems caused by high consumption of green tea include diarrhea, glaucoma, high blood pressure, liver disease and weak bones. You should ask your doctor about your consumption of this type of tea if you have any of these problems.