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Skinny Bunny Tea is a very popular detox tea brand which offers a range of teas for weight loss, detoxification and the overall improvement of health. The most popular teas which it offers are the weight loss tea, the detox tea, the focus tea and the energy tea. The different teas should either be drunk in the morning or in the evening depending upon your health goal. The Skinny Bunny teas are manufactured in the United States. See best deals on



All the ingredients used to make the Skinny Bunny teas are natural. All the teas are vegan, gluten free, soy free, dairy free and organic. The different tea varieties are made from herbs like tulsi, valerian root, stevia leaf, spearmint leaf, rose petals, ginger root and rooibos. All of them have their own set of health benefits.



Different online tea reviews provide information about Skinny Bunny teas. Here, we have one of those elaborate tea reviews which offers all the essential information about this tea. All its varieties are consumed to attain the four main health goals of weight loss, detox, recovery and energy.



All the Skinny Bunny tea varieties are a unique blend of selected tea leaves and immensely beneficial herbs. Besides them being extremely beneficial for health, they also have a refreshing, revitalising and relaxing taste and aroma. In fact, Skinny Bunny tea has got great tea reviews for the amazing flavours it offers. Have a balmy and relaxing effect on the mind. The teas are available in various delicious flavours which suit all taste buds. The different Skinny Bunny tea flavours like the chocolate tea, jasmine green tea, rose pu-erh black tea, mint green tea, citrus vanilla oolong tea, lemon green tea and tropical chamomile tea have a delicious taste. All individual health goals can be easily attained by drinking these tasty and nutritional Skinny Bunny teas.



The reviews and ratings from customers is great. We took a look on and semms that at this moment, from 113 customer reviews the score is 4.5 out of 5 stars and the comments surpasses the expectations.


Skinny Bunny Tea – Morning or Evening

All the Skinny Bunny tea blends are made using tea leaves and unique herbs. The teas can either be drunk in the a.m. or in the p.m. The Skinny Bunny tea intended to be drunk in the morning is made with black tea leaves. It comes in a chocolate and caramel vanilla flavour. The morning tea makes you feel active and energetic. This tea also improves immunity and burns fat. The Skinny Bunny detox tea from evening is a herbal tea blend. It is available in chamomile and vanilla oolong green tea flavours. This tea is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and useful herbs. This one is a great detox tea which cleanses the body of harmful toxins and also helps in relaxation. The Skinny Bunny p.m. tea for recovery improves the metabolism rate and digestion. This tea is also said to be good for the teeth and skin.



Skinny Bunny provides you with a diet guide and workout plans so that you can attain optimal beneficial results by drinking the tea. The different tea blends have a number of benefits and this can be confirmed by the various online tea reviews which vouch for this fact. The green tea, chamomile, oolong tea and black tea are used in the different tea varieties and have great health benefits. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and helps in losing weight. Chamomile reduces anxiety and insomnia. It also helps in fighting various illnesses. Oolong and black tea provide energy, are good for the skin and also assist in losing weight. The different nutritional herbs used in the Skinny Bunny tea blends also help you attain your individual health goals. The taste is great. Click here to see the best price on Amazon


Side effects

The side effects of Skinny Bunny teas are very few when compared to their benefits, but these exists. A few users have complained of side effects like restlessness and nervousness after drinking the teas. This however can happen if large quantities of the teas are consumed. The different flavours of the teas might not suit an individual drinker’s taste. Finally, the Skinny Bunny teas are a bit expensive in the customers opinion. Our opinion is that this depends by everyone budget and expectations. Anyway, if you have limited budget, you can also see our Yogi Detox Tea Reviews which is a premium detox tea, too.


Final Word on the Skinny Bunny Tea

The Skinny Bunny tea varieties are becoming increasingly popular for the different blends and flavours they provide. With the variety of flavours, one can easily attain one’s health goals without compromising on taste. Moreover, there are separate tea varieties available for different health objectives which users find very helpful. The nutritional value of the herbs and tea leaves used in the teas make it healthy drinking option for users. Hence, going for this tea will most certainly be a good choice to make.

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