Tazo Passion Tea

Tazo Passion TeaAbout Tazo Passion Tea

Prepared from exclusive organic ingredients, Tazo Passion Tea is an ultimate blend of taste and benefits. Absence of additives and preservatives give Tazo Passion Tea a substantial edge over competitors. Production and packaging of the product takes place in Italy or Canada while Oregon and Portland are distribution centers. Buy it from Here!



Its special taste and refershing feel, make Tazo Passion Tea an incredibly appealing product. Indulgence in explosive flavors of herbs is simply irresistible. Each sip of Tazo Passion tea unleashes delightful flavours. These include flavours of hibiscus, seasoned with tarty flavor of rose hips, subtle citrus, mango and a hint of passion fruit. Once you’ll become consumer of this tea you will be addicted for sure.


Customer Reviews

We have checked Tazo Passion Tea Reviews from Amazon and we were not surprised to see that from 700 reviews acquired 4.7 stars out of 5. You can try this product with no doubt. It is really awesome!


Tazo Passion Tea IngredientsIngredients

Completely free from caffeine, the product comprises of following ingredients:
Citric acid, cinnamon, Natural Tropical Flavors, orange peel, Rose Hips, Licorice Root, Hibiscus Flowers, Fruit Juice Extract and Lemongrass.


Tazo Passion Tea BenefitsTazo Passion Tea Benefits

Tazo Passion Tea is basically an infusion of herbs leading to numerous health benefits.

  • Citric acid – the acidity of body is greatly reduced with citric acid since it is alkalizing agent in nature. Also it effectively boosts your immune system
  • Cinnamon – it reduces blood glucose level and significantly lowers chances of cardiovascular diseases
  • Rose Hips – enriched with natural vitamin C, Rose Hips are effectively used in treating cold and flu in addition to dealing with Vitamin C deficiency
  • Licorice Root – chronic fatigue, allergic rhinitis, canker sores and Addison’s diseases are greatly tackled with Licorice roots
  • Hibiscus Flowers – besides healthy weight loss Hibiscus flowers are used for treating liver diseases and lowers chance of chronic diseases like cancer. It is anti-inflammatory in nature
  • Lemon grass – supports digestion and prevent exhaustion and common cold


Side Effects

No clinical side effects are reported yet but consumption should be discontinued immediately if you feel any sort of allergy or reaction in your body.



Tazo passion tea comes in batch of 6 cases with 20 teabags in each case making a total of 120 teabags.

Where to buy Tazo Passion Tea? You can Buy it from Here!

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