Yogi Detox Tea Review

Yogi Detox Tea Review


Yogi detox tea is a premier detox tea brand which offers a wide variety of teas for all those looking for a gentle teatox. This Yogi Tea detox primarily focuses on providing a gentle cleansing of the body from all the harmful toxins. In order to realise this objective, it provides the essential nourishment to the liver and the kidneys. The liver is the organ responsible for cleansing the body of all unwanted toxins. When your liver is functioning well, the body is cleansed of all the unnecessary toxins. Click here to see the best price from Amazon.com


About Yogi Detox Tea

The beginning of Yogi detox tea dates back to 1969. A revered teacher of holistic living, Yogi Bhajan, used to teach yoga in the West. He taught his students the various benefits of herbs and the ways to practice a healthy living. While doing so, he also served an aromatic spiced tea which the students popularly named the ‘Yogi Tea’. This is how the Yogi Tea with its great variety of teas has given people the chance to lead a healthy life. All the different kinds of herbs used in the Yogi detox teas have purifying properties. They gently cleanse the body and improve the overall immune system. Below we have provided you an extensive tea review of the Yogi detox teas with all the essential informations about this popular and trusted tea brand.



Yogi detox tea is made from the choicest herbs which are extremely beneficial for health and help flush out all harmful toxins from the body. Each of the herbs used have their own set of benefits. This makes you feel energetic, active and it also prevents any form of imbalance in the body. It is made from herbs like Burdock, Organic Dandelion and Juniper Berry. Burdock and Organic Dandelion supports proper liver functioning and Juniper Berry aids for proper kidney functioning. The Ayurvedic cleansing blend known as ‘trikatu’ is used in the Yogi detox teas. This blend contains Ginger, black pepper and long pepper which helps in proper blood circulation and digestion. Indian Sarsaparilla is also used in the Yogi detox tea to give it a nice and spicy flavour. Other beneficial herbs like Lavender flower, Chamomile flower, ginger root, Echinacea root, Garcinia Cambogia root are part of the Yogi detox tea. In the blend are also used good quality tea leaves like Assam tea leaves and green tea leaves. It is free caffeine.



The Yogi detox teas are available in various flavours like ‘Soothing Caramel Bedtime’, ‘Caramel Apple Spice Slim life’, ‘Cinnamon Vanilla Healthy Skin’, ‘Berry Detox’, ‘Cranberry Spice Probiotic Balance’ , ‘Comforting Chamomile, ‘Peach Detox’, ‘Soothing Rose Hibiscus Skin Detox’, ‘Roasted Dandelion Spice Detox’, ‘Honey Lemon Throat Comfort’, ‘Lemon Ginger’, ‘Green Tea Super Antioxidant’, ‘Raspberry Passion Perfect Energy’, ‘Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy’ and many more. This tea varieties nourish the liver and kidneys and these organs cleanse the body from unwanted toxins. It increases the metabolism rate and also boosts immunity.



You must put water to boiling up to ten minutes and we recommend you to use one or two tea bags depending on how strong you want it.


Good to know

If you are pregnant it is not recommended to use this Yogi detox tea. Also, this detox tea should not be used more than 30 days. For using it for a longer period you will need to take a break of at least a week between these cures. Like a tip, don’t try to get too close if you want to smell it because it’s contains pepper. For more details about the product we recommend you to read the product label. See best prices from Amazon.com


Final word on Yogi detox tea review

The benefits of Yogi Detox teas surely outweigh the side effects and it is definitely a trustworthy brand to go for it. This tea is a life-saver during a stress period. Every online tea review from people that have tried Yogi detox tea will also vouch for this fact. You can be assured to get the much needed detox which you are looking for by drinking this premium quality Yogi detox tea.

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