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Yogi Kava TeaOverview

Serving tea industry for more than 40 years, Yogi Tea is famous for producing amazing quality tea products enriched with taste and health benefits. Roots of Yogi Tea lies in concept of healthy living and Ayurveda’s holistic teachings. For this Yogi Kava Tea, the ingredients (herbs) are carefully selected for their valuable clients.
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About Yogi Kava Tea

Yogi Kava Tea is another superior product of Yogi Tea manufacturers. Yogi Kava tea is native to south Pacific Islands and cultivated traditionally for its incredible power to calm body and mind. It is a wonderful blend of exotic herbs. The rich aroma and flavor is infused by Carob Pod while Sarsaparilla and Cinnamon are added to provide warm and cozy feeling.



Yogi’s Kava is usually available in seal packed tea bags (6x8x6 inches each) in 16 bags per pack. One box contains 6 packs.



Regular drinking of Kava Tea was found to be very beneficial for your body. There is no specific time to drink Kava tea. Three to four cups per day can be used in routine especially for intensive jobs.


Yogi Kava Tea ingredientsIngredients

Organic Cinnamon Bark, Organic Barley Malt, Organic Ginger Root, Indian Sarsaparilla Root, Carob Pod, Natural Cinnamon bark Oil, Natural Licorice, Stevia leaf, Natural hazelnut flavor, Cardamom Pod and Kava Root Extract. The product is Caffeine free.


Yogi Kava Tea Health BenefitsHealth Benefits

Primarily Yogi’s Kava Tea is widely used for physical and mental relaxation but it also helps to enjoy comfortable sleep. Calmness in daily hustle is achievable easily with regular use of Kava. Sarsaparilla which is an active tea ingredient of Yogi Kava Tea, greatly combats leprosy, joint pain and psoriasis. Carob Pod along with infusing aroma works as an analgesic, antiseptic, antioxidant and antibacterial. Other benefits encompass enhanced immune system, improved digestive tract functioning and regulation of blood glucose. However, note that results of product may vary from person to person and you should not consume more than recommended amount. Buy this tea!
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