The Best Uses For Calendula Tea

During the warmer months, many people will see flowers and herbs begin to bloom and admire their beauty.  What you may not realize is that these plants are more than beautiful; they can offer medicinal benefits as well.  One of the most beneficial plants is the calendula herb, also known as the pot-marigold.  The calendula is typically used during religious events when honoring the Virgin Mary or for adorning Hindu idols during special processions; however, it is highly beneficial in many other ways.  This article will provide some information on the best uses for calendula-tea.


What Is Calendula Tea?

It’s a herbal tea brewed using the flowers of the calendula plant, which is a bright orange flower.  It is recommended that the tea is brewed using the entire flower for complete effectiveness.  While calendula is known as a medicinal element, it is more commonly used as calendula oil than the tea.  The tea can be served either cold or warm and has an earthy taste with pumpkin flavoring.   To make it more appealing, it is often sweetened using cinnamon or other sugars.


What Are The Best Uses

#1:  Ideal For Oral Health

Calendula is one of the herbs that assist with the treatment of different diseases to keep a person healthy.  The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties make it highly effective when curing microbial infections.  For instance, calendula tea can act as a mouth wash where regular gargling can heal different oral health issues including gingivitis.

#2:  Soothing Sore Throats

One of the most beneficial uses of calendula tea is to soothe a sore throat.  In fact, the tea can even be utilized as a treatment for tonsillitis.  Based on the anti-inflammatory and regenerative elements, the tea sets to work on the swollen membranes in the throat.

#3:  Improving The Digestive System

By drinking calendula tea regularly, you can maintain a healthy digestive system.  This is due to calendula’s anti-bacterial properties where the tea works inside the body to treat ulcers, infections and any stomach problems.  It can also prevent the occurrence of metabolic illnesses, cleans the digestive tract, and can assist to remove any digestion-related conditions.

#4:  Fights Fever

While a high fever is not a medical condition exclusively, it is a symptom of various other health issues.  Fever can cause exhaustion, dehydration, and can be terrifying to deal with if you are unaware of your physical state.  Calendula tea is beneficial as it can bring the body temperature down safely, giving you relief from high fever.

#5:  Preventing Cancer And Arthritis

Rich in minerals and vitamins, calendula tea can also be considered a health drink.  The vitamin beta carotene is found in the calendula plant and can help prevent cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and bone-joint inflammation.

#6:  Protecting The Heart And Liver

The anti-viral, anti-bacterial and an-fungal properties in calendula tea make it beneficial in protecting a person’s heart and liver.  Regarding the liver, the herb cleanses the organ and assists with the effective secretion of bile.  As a result, the body will carry out other bodily functions properly and in a healthy manner.  Calendula tea can also keep a person’s heart healthy preventing heart blockage, deposition of cholesterol, cardiac arrests and other heart ailments.


Side Effects

Despite being one of the safest herbal teas available with many medicinal benefits, calendula tea is not without any side effects.  It is important to note that people allergic to marigold should not be using calendula applications.  Furthermore, women who are pregnant or lactating should avoid using the herb.  In these situations, it is better to allow time to heal any ailments than risk the chance of negative side effects.